Membership with the NGO is free, but comes with the understanding of liability for everything you consume and any injuries that may occur during your stay at the Bajka vacation site and all the Activities you participate in in the areas of Veliki Gorenec and elsewhere.

With our expert cooks, guides and volunteers we’ve encountered no issues with preparing food through the Rural Kitchen education program and through the hiking, walks, carpentry and workshop programs for wooden constructions from wood and pallets, our archery program etc. With every donation amount that we use to further expand the Bajka vacation site. as a show of our gratitude we enable these donors to taste their desired meals, as well as their desired Activities.

For those who wish to spend multiple days on the Bajka vacation site and wish to experience absolute peace and quiet and wish to know more about the NGO’s work and further plans, we offer the Bajka Suite.

For all information and reservations, please contact us at our phone number: 0913773771 or our e-mail: Aleksandra Matijević – Vice President of the NGO and volunteer at the Bajka vacation site.